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  • Initial energy resource evaluation 

  • Meteorological Tower procurement and erection 

  • Wind data analysis and evaluation 

  • Preparation of all planning and permitting documentation 

  • Technical due diligence 

  • Interconnection studies & agreements 

  • Community Outreach and Education 

  • PPA negotiations and financial analysis 

  • Engineering - procurement - construction 

  • Operations and Maintenance Services 


Alpha Energy has been actively involved in wind energy development in the mid-Atlantic States and Western Africa. Our services have been provided in support of more than 15 wind energy developments on behalf of the Department of Defense, various state agencies, municipalities and several private clients. 


Alpha Energy's depth and breadth of experience enables us to offer the most comprehensive services available to our clients.  We are frequently engaged to act on behalf of our clients for all stages of the acquisition or development, procurement, financing, construction and operation of renewable energy facilities.  This involvement in all stages of the life cycle of the project enables Alpha Energy to minimize the risks to the client, enabling them to achieve the highest return on their investment. 

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