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Generating Clean Renewable Energy for Communities

Alpha Energy is a renewable energy development and land origination company based in Annapolis, Maryland.  Our company is a comprehensive service provider specializing in community and utility scale wind , solar and battery storage projects.  We are a leader in land origination and acquisitions supporting renewable energy projects. 

Alpha Energy's development process maintains a high regard for community involvement and public renewable energy priorities.  We integrate community, environmental and public interests into a collective renewable energy development process.  We create renewable energy in emerging markets both in the US and abroad. 

Our firm has developed and consulted on over 600MW of renewable energy projects since our founding  in 2008.  Alpha’s success lies in our collaborative process of linking competitive clean energy, environment, community and investors together.  Alpha is also a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) able to satisfy government contracts that require minority participation. 

Alpha Energy is a strong advocate and partner in the development of new distributed generation projects that provide the capacity to build economic growth and support sustainable energy policy. 

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