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Riggs Road Solar

Gaithersburg, MD

Alpha Energy is developing a 11.2MW DC / 10.08MW AC PV Solar Project in Gaithersburg, MD. The site consists of 60 acres of vacant farmland with 7,000ft of an existing transmission / distribution substation. The site is in Montgomery County, Maryland near the municipality of Gaithersburg.

Transmission / Interconnect: The site will be connected to Pepco’s distribution system with a dedicated 69kV circuit to Zion Substation on Zion Rd. The interconnection feasibility study has been completed and the system impact study is currently underway with the PJM and the local utility. The system impact study will be completed by June 30, 2011.

Engineering / Environmental Review: Preliminary review is completed and there are no anticipated environmental or wildlife impacts from this project. No endangered species in the vicinity, no wetlands or other sensitive environmental receptors on-site. Engineering is underway by Alpha Energy and the plans are subject to review by the Montgomery County Planning Department. Permits are expected by October 2011.

Solar / Energy Assessment: Theproject has a solar resource of 4.62 kWh/m2/day. The annual output is estimated at 14,200,000 kWh

Permitting and Zoning: Gradingand Building permits will be secured after final design and engineering is completed. Montgomery County is highly supportive of renewable energy development and we do not anticipate any delay past our target date of October 15, 2011.

Riggs Road:

Name Plate / Type: 10.08MW / Photovoltaic Solar ground-mount fixed tilt.

Start date of project: June 2010

Est. Date of Operation: April 20, 2012

Est. Total Project Cost: $32M

Progress to date:

  • Property is secured (owned by project owner).
  • No environmental or permitting concerns
  • Site selection, preliminary design and electrical single line diagram are complete
  • System capacity is designed at 11.2MW and total price quote received from EPC
  • PJM queue entered November 2010 / System Impact meeting February 2011
  • PJM / PEPCO Feasibility Study Completed and is feasible for interconnect to the PEPCO Mt.
  • Zion Substation
  • Term sheets have been negotiated for the purchase of power (PPA) with Clean Currents
  • Received quote for long term SREC contract from Solar Aggregator