Alpha Energy Leadership

Alpha Energy's board is a deliberate collection of driven and inspired leaders.  All are self starters sharpened by years of experience in a broad array of disciplines.  Alpha projects and activities have generated overwhelming support from local residents and regional officials on both national and international levels.  Alpha's winning record is built on their unified singular mission and immovable core values.

Marcellous S. Butler
President & Co-Founder

Mr. Butler has a diversified professional skill set and over 16 years of project management and business development experience. Mr. Butler is Alpha Energy's President and is responsible for the overall management of the company. Mr. Butler studied at the Fox School of Business at Temple University and has extensive experience in financial management, business operations and energy.

During his residential and commercial development career, Marcellous took a strong interest in the integration of solar and wind technologies.  He designed and built several state of the art solar applications at his commercial office, marina and residential projects in Pennsylvania and Maryland. Today Marcellous is a pillar of leadership in renewable energy for Maryland.  He was significantly influential with the recent improvement to the Maryland Net Metering provisions and successfully implemented over 25 MW of solar and wind energy projects throughout the Mid-Atlantic. In May of this year Marcellous led the Alpha Energy team through the successful completion of the Solar Energy Feasibility Study of the Town of Ridgely, MD.

Queen Ayacodobae Ramkissoon
Vice President of International Business Development

Sheila D. Ramkissoon aka Queen Ayacodobae, is a uniquely talented, skillful and gifted visionary, passionate about her work, dedicated to the Earth’s existence and the preservation of human life. She has developed multidisciplinary curricula that have been effectively implemented in corporate, academic, and community organizations with superlative results. Some of her projects have been implemented in Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, Morocco and Cameroon. Queen demonstrates how art is intricately intertwined with science, technology, engineering and math through the development of SEESII - Scholastic Environmental Engineering and Sports International Institute©. SEESII provides, “A Holistic Approach to STEM. Queen promotes sustainable development, improved infrastructure, effective disaster recovery training, emergency preparedness and increased job development in the green industries. Her services improve our nation’s economic and technological advances, thus securing national and international commerce.

Paramount to her success are letters of support from Office of the Mayor and City Council for Douala, Cameroon, Seamen and Waterfront Workers Trade Union, Office of the Secretary General in Trinidad and Tobago, Nigeria Football Association Office of the Secretary General, Muslim Alliance of North America (MANA), Office of the National Training Coordinator, and Maryland State Senator Shirley Nathan-Pulliam.

Queen’s global interest in green initiatives has resulted in her being appointed as Vice President of International Business Development for Alpha-Energy, LLC. Queen is a graduate of Antioch University with a Bachelors in Planning and Analysis in Human and Social Systems.

David K. Murrin
Chairman & Co-Founder

A former US Marine, graduate of Massachusetts Maritime Academy, successful business owner and a licensed Master Mariner, Captain David K. Murrin has over 25 years of experience in leadership, entrepreneurship and business/logistics operations.  As Commanding Officer he has been responsible for assets valued in excess of $1.5 billion, directed all shipboard operations including the safety of up to 700 crew members.  As a Master Mariner, Captain Murrin has traveled the world many times over and proven himself as an asset in developing international relationships between US and foreign dignitaries, Port Authorities and competing business interests.

In 2008, Captain Murrin in conjunction with life-long friend and business partner Marcellous Butler pooled their recourses and talents to establish Alpha Energy; a community based renewable energy services company.  With Alpha Energy, Captain Murrin has been a driving force behind Community Scale Wind and Solar Energy in Maryland.  Whether in the US or overseas, he is a tenacious advocate for the new energy economy and Alpha Energy's "Community Power Initiative" establishing stability and prosperity in the areas they serve, providing energy security and environmental stewardship.