Generating Clean Renewable Energy for Commercial and Utility Clients

Alpha Energy is a leading renewable energy development company based in Annapolis Maryland, wholly owned by its directors and staff.  Our company is a comprehensive service provider of commercial and utility scale renewable energy applications.

Alpha Energy's development process maintains a high regard for community involvement and public renewable energy priorities.  We integrate community, environmental and public interests into a collective renewable energy development process.  We create renewable energy resources in emerging markets both in the US and abroad.

Our firm has financed, developed and consulted on over 225MW of renewable energy projects over our last seven years.  Alpha’s success lies in our collaborative process of linking competitive clean energy, environment, community and investors together.

Alpha Energy is a strong advocate and partner in the development of new distributed generation projects that provide the capacity to build economic growth and support sustainable energy policy.

Alpha's Mission

Provide the surest and most cost effective means to convert to a totally clean energy future.

Our Strengths:

The strength of Alpha Energy resides in the inherent force generated by the growing global demand for new energy supply and stable energy markets.  We share a deep optimism that growing clean energy markets through teamwork and collaboration will provide exceptional prosperity to project communities and supporting businesses. Alpha recognizes and promotes the shared strategic and moral obligations the new energy economy requires.  We advocate the development of new distributed generation and capacity to build economic growth and support sustainable energy policy.

Our Vision:

  • Alpha activities will profoundly accelerate reinvestment into the new global energy economy through innovative strategy, leadership and successful projects.
  • Alpha Energy is constantly evolving to move more quickly within markets, capitalizing on emerging opportunities and innovative technologies. 
  • Our success is built on sharing opportunities and prosperity between energy investors and the communities in which our energy resources reside.

Our Value's Statements:

Pursue the why and not the what.

The next thing you do must be the right thing to do.

It is human nature to be concerned about nature.

If there is a better solution than ours then take it!