Alpha Energy Wind Analysis Tools & Maps

And Maryland Energy Administration’s (MEA) Anemometer Loan Program

Alpha Energy installs Meteorological Towers throughout the State of Maryland in support of the Maryland Energy Administration’s Anemometer Loan Program.  Alpha also provides the services to monitor, collate and display live wind data on web-based dashboards.  This activity classifies and validates the wind resources that reside at sites selected by MEA.  Alpha Energy is contracted by MEA to preform these services to help homeowners, communities, states and regions to plan for wind energy deployment on utility, community and residential scales.

Anemometer Loan Programs and Data

Anemometer data can help businesses, developers, farmers,  academic institutions, and municipalities determine whether there is enough wind energy at a site to make a wind turbine investment economically feasible. Each anemometer collects wind-speed data in 10-minute intervals. Such data can also aid windfarmd developers in determining whether an area is suitable for developing a community-, or utility-scale wind farm.